AUSTIN ART - WesleyBalli
Darker Grounds than in a Sky

August 10, 2010 4 am

I had a dream last night that I met two old black men by a barn who were playing the blues at my family my surprise there was no one in my family who I recognized to even talk to. I decided to sit with the blues men to talk and they handed ne a raggedy old ass guitar that looked like it could be what was left fo the great BB Kings first guitar. They began to teach me new cords that were very difficult for me to play due to my handicap. Another dream this week about my lost skill on a guitar!

--I read this today and then my Angel brought me this Guy (Forsyth)--

I still don't pick up my Martin much because its to valuable and I wanna throw it out the window when I play it sober. (My Bad!) Good news is I cant walk now...I pay for it later when I do but YOUR WORTH IT!!!

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